Shabbos Oil Candle Light. Pre-Filled (for Quick Lighting)


Sealed Containers – NOT BREAKABLE IF IT FALLS- NO SPILL-NO MESS -try it you will love it.
Our high-performance Oil Candles contain 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.They have been designed by highly qualified experts to ensure premium results.
We pride ourselves Bazars Hashem on this innovation which is one of the most significant advancements in Candle lighting systems since the invention of the oil candle 100% extra virgin olive oil – 100% Cotton Easy Light Wick. Burns approx. 6 hrs.
Portable no menorah NO Candle Holder needed just put on a safe place

Material: Glass
Oil: Olive
Wick: Cotton
Count: 22 pcs
Burn Time: 6 hours

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