Float wicks ready to use


Discover our incredible floating wicks

Do you like the soft and warm light diffused by candles? You will undoubtedly love the ingenuity of our floating wicks!

This Vehaer innovation is a new generation of candle. Our creations have many qualities since they are both:

• Qualitative: the wicks are made of 100% cotton and their combustion does not release any toxic particles into the air.

• Economical: less expensive than conventional candles.

• Practical: their combustion times are very long which allows them to be enjoyed for many hours.

• Safe: they go out as soon as they fall into the oil.

• Ecological: they are natural and generate no non-recyclable waste.

The floating wicks are amazing and help create a subdued and pleasant atmosphere for your evenings. They are ideal to relax and unwind. Discover them now!

How to use a Vehaer floating wick?

The floating candles are very easy to use. Just place them in a candle holder or a small flared container, then fill it with neutral vegetable oil (like sunflower, peanut, rapeseed, etc.).

The oil is consumed very slowly and allows them to stay on for several hours.

To extinguish them, nothing could be simpler: just blow on them or use a candle snuffer.